Saturday's ride and sundays workshop..

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Saturday's ride and sundays workshop..

Post by snowmutt on Sun Mar 18, 2012 9:42 pm

Saturday we headed out for a ride and play some more on getting to know our new toys. Ended up being 6mi out at a local park and played in the mudd too. In the woods I have made a loop with exits at each end over the years ... this is a blast running the loop !
Snow4 had a bit harder time since she doesn't know it like i do, and with all the leaves it's hard to know where it goes right now .
Well today I fixed that ....I made a drag to pull around the loop to pull the leaves off and float things out some. Made this out of a old bed rail set and some chain ....should work with some wt .
Im having a blast on a few corners ..drifting as im sweeping thru it .. and then there the tightys Surprised
We rode 30 miles so far on these and only use a 1/4 tank of 3.2 gal Very Happy
Here's some pic s

oh..btw... I now drive one of these now too ....kinda feels like a sled ??, wonder if they will paint the floors white ! pirat

LET'S RIDE! cheers

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Re: Saturday's ride and sundays workshop..

Post by kidrocker on Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:41 am

Looks like fun! Nice job on the new rides for sure.

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