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Post by someone11 on Sat Jul 07, 2012 11:40 pm

Hey everyone! Not gonna lie I kinda forgot about this site Embarassed But I just wanted to give everyone an update on what ive been doing (if you dont follow me on Facebook). Im in Charlevoix this summer working for the DNR at the Fisheries Research Station in Charlevoix, im living with my uncle. We kinda live out in the boonies so we only have dial up internet. I check my email and such every day when I get to work though. My technical position is "head hunter" I go to the salmon tournaments on the west side of the state and collect tagged salmon heads (and lake trout and steelhead) and we take 30 stomachs and 100 tails at each tournament event. In the lab I process the stomachs and take the tags out of the heads and read them and put them in the database. Also I do any busy work they need me to do in the lab. Im only an hour and a half away from the big mac, I know there was talk before of a quad trip to the UP, anyone still planning on doing that? I could head up for a day and chill with you guys. Ive been fishing as much as I can but it can be tough being gone most weekends. On the 20th ill be in Ludington for another tournament. Hope everyone is doing well.


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