Happy Trail Opening Day BUT.....

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Happy Trail Opening Day BUT..... Empty Happy Trail Opening Day BUT.....

Post by Sled Solutions on Fri Nov 30, 2012 11:12 pm

Tomorrow our trails OFFICIALLY open in most places in our state....most don't have enough snow on them to ride yet. Soon they will and when that happens PLEASE be safe and ride responsibly.

This year the state removed a bunch of signs from our trail system. SLOW DOWN because you won't have signs telling you what's ahead like years before.

Remember YOU'RE not the only one on the trail so stay right and remember there are families riding so consider that when passing others. Have a GREAT season and let's hope everyone makes it home safe and sound.

The following snowmobile trail signs will be removed:

Bridge Ahead
Deer Crossing
Drift Area
Narrow Bridge
Narrow Trail
Trail Crossing
Truck Traffic
Two Way Trail
Winding Trail

Happy Trail Opening Day BUT..... Discontinuedsigns

Sled Solutions

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Happy Trail Opening Day BUT..... Empty Re: Happy Trail Opening Day BUT.....

Post by snowmutt on Sat Dec 01, 2012 9:20 am

Thanks SS
Hope to get up to the TC area soon bounce
...and yes it will be a interesting yr with the new sign change , be on your toes everyone !

AS far as opening day .... ill be riding , the 4 wheel variety Surprised . will be going out to check for down trees in my little system here around home Wink
greasy clay..i think i can have some fun for the day, rather have white fluffy though Happy Trail Opening Day BUT..... 2318749458

LET'S RIDE! cheers

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